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One of the last manufacturers of woolen fabrics in Europe.


AUDOV s.r.o., one of the last manufacturers of woolen fabrics in Europe
is the successor to the long-standing textile tradition in Trenčín. Our portfolio include fabrics for men's suit, ladies dress, fabrics for uniforms and for historical clothing or costumes and fabrics for furniture upholstery. These are made of the finest quality yarn , which is supplied by the world's leading manufacturers.

We offer our customers fabrics of their own choice , all in the highest quality, in short production cycle and in a reasonable price. We follow fashion trends
in the material composition as well as in the actual production technology.

AUDOV s.r.o. is a reliable partner for your business.


Audov s.r.o. continues the old tradition of textile production in Trenčín.
The very first company, called Tiberghien and children, was founded in 1907, followed by Merina, which was for 101 years a main manufacturer of textile fabrics in the middle Europe.

The vision of AUDOV is to be the part of leading manufacturers of woolen fabrics and to achieve results comparable to the European textile powers such as Italy, German or France.

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Basic categories of manufactured products

Social and business fabrics

Suitable for production of men's suit, tuxedo, women's dress, men's
and women's light jacket, leisure clothing, wedding clothing

Special fabrics

Liturgical fabrics, public sector-uniforms, historical clothing and costumes, furniture upholstery, billiards

Technical woven fabrics

Sacks and bags of different sizes, flood bags - double bags, textile sleeves, tilts, decors, tablecloths (single color, diamonds, stripes)
- in version 100% polyester, possible other materials

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M.R.Štefánika 19
911 01 Trenčín

Telephone numbers:
+421 903 786 156
+421 903 721 536

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